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IRVING, TX - ZIP Code Database information
Information on IRVING, TX, ZIP Code Database information. . ZIP Code List & Demographics Database Download: Digital ZIP Code Database & Maps .

ZIP Code 75039, U.S. ZIP Codes, Database - IRVING Texas TX Map ...
ZIP Code 75039 - IRVING TX Texas zip codes, maps, area codes, county, population, household income, house value,75039 Zip Code -

Irving, TX ZIP Codes | Addresses.com
Get a detailed look at all the ZIP codes found in Irving, TX.

Irving, Texas (TX) Zip Code Map - Locations, Demographics - list of ...
Females: 12392, (48.9%). 38 houses sold in Q2 2010 for a median price of $176055. Zip code 75038 detailed profile. Zip code 75039 statistics: (Find on map) .

Irving Zip Codes, Area Code, County and more
Irving Texas Zip Code Resources . Zip, City, State, Area Code, County, Latitude, Longitude. 75014, Irving, TX, 972, Dallas, 32.842, -96.970. Local: Restaurants .

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zip code for irving tx Operator Short Schools

Irving, Texas Zip Code Boundary Map (TX)
This page shows a Google Map with an overlay of Zip Codes for Irving, Dallas County, Texas. Users can easily view the boundaries of each Zip Code.

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