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Amazon.com: Vector VEC010S 300 Amp Jumpstarter: Automotive
The car turned over and over, but wouldn't kick in, and the effort drew down the jump starter's cranking power completely. The instructions tell you to wait a little .

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: VECTOR VEC012C Jump-Start ...
I bought this vector jump starter after my sears starter died after less than a year. . If, like me, you bought a used unit, you will need to get both the manual and .

Black & Decker VEC010BD Start It 300 Amp Jump Starter
I'll just note that most of the smaller jump starters are booster batteries which . I bought this one (a rebranded Vector 010) for someone who had a habit of . The well-written instructions are clear about the need for a good connection, after all.

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vector jum starter instruccions Operator Short Schools

Vector - The Freedom of Power
In March, 2006, Black & Decker purchased Vector Products, Inc. Since the acquisition, Black & Decker has assumed the manufacturing of all Vector products.

Richmond, VA 23218-0071

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FID Number:  54-1586918

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Free Vector JUMP START SYSTEM troubleshooting, support & solutions. . I need the User's manual plus be able to tell if my mower is a pos or neg system.

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