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Would an Ant die if dropped from the ESB?
. 30 or 40 meters. Ant might make it, if get him out of vacuum tube in a few minutes, but man will not. . Will someone in the New York area please just throw a damned ant off of there and see what happens? . cup dropped from an airplane.

Spider Plant | Caring for Spider Plants
As the "airplane plant" throws out long stalks or stems it will produce small . Just purchased a spider l;ant and re pot it, now it has brown streaks coning up the .

411mania.com: Wrestling - 100 Percent Fordified: CHIKARA A ...
Mar 28, 2012 . Green Ant throws some forearms but eats an enzuigiri. Ophidian claws . Ophidian applies a guillotine which Green Ant turns into a sit-out gord buster. Ophidian . Cabana turns that into an Airplane Spin. Kobald rolls to the .

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throw ant out of airplane Operator Short Schools

Drop of Shame - Total Drama Wiki
Following Ezekiel's elimination, Chef Hatchet kicks Ezekiel out the plane door . The Drop of Shame is briefly seen in Broadway, Baby! while Heather throws a meat . but then a colony of red ants suddenly attack him, making DJ really scream.

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Ezekiel - Total Drama Wiki
In the scene where Chef pushes the contestants out of the plane and into the water, he at first . But after Heather is thrown out, he appears more clearly, but still mostly . Chef, and the remaining contestants that Ezekiel is still in the cargo hold.

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