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Is a bird a mammal? If it is not a mammal what is it? - Yahoo! Answers
Birds are not mammals. They belong to the "class" called "Birds." Scientific information is split into a number of levels: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, .

Are birds mammals?
Askville Question: Are birds mammals? . Similar Questions: birds mammals . Animals are considered mammals if they are warm-blooded, are covered by fur .

Bird - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Archaeopteryx lithographica is often considered the oldest known bird . Unlike in mammals, the circulating red blood cells in birds retain their nucleus.

Mammal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mammalia, considered as the crown group, appeared in the Pliensbachian age of . Then mammals diversified very quickly; both birds and mammals show an .

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are birds considered mamals Operator Short Schools

Are birds mammals
No, they aren't mammals they are just birds. They have their own little category that is just birds! They are warm blooded like mammals though. No, birds are not .

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Is a bird a mammal
A platypus lays eggs and is considered a mammal, however, a bird is not a . It's a bird. -_- Birds have their own division- they aren't mammals, because they .

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