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About Horses - Care - Riding - Driving - Safety
Apr 1, 2012. horse owners. Learn basic horse care and how to horseback ride. . Sign up now for the Test Your Horse Savvy quiz series. More Quizzes .

10 Essential Items for An Equine First Aid Kit - Horses - About.com
Be ready for emergencies with basic emergency veterinary supplies. . I keep a big tub in my horse first aid kit to soothe and protect sunburned noses, help clear up grease heel . of Anhidrosis in Horses · Buying Your First Horse FAQ - What is a Pre-Purchase Exam? . Test Your Knowledge of Horse Words With this Quiz

Basic Horse Genetics
Understanding basic horse genetics is the key to understanding horse color and . of genetic disorders and can lead to genetic tests for identifying carriers, as well as . There are also loci with alleles made up of non-coding DNA, i.e. DNA that . is close to that you already know about, i.e. which known genes it's linked to).

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already made uo basic horse tests Operator Short Schools

Horse behavior - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Feral and wild horse herds are usually made up of several separate small bands who . Horses are not particularly vocal, but do have four basic vocalizations: the . Even when trained, most horses will still test boundaries, at least mildly, and .

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Vetting A Horse
Information about vetting a horse. . A basic or insurance 2 stage vetting will normally cost around 75 with a 5 stage . The flexion test can be useful in assessing seriousness of problems already . Stage 5 - Trotting Up and Foot Examination . so that an informed decision on whether to purchase or not can be made.

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